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Wine Growing

Every wine grape has the potential to make a good wine. We grow these grapes to the level of ripeness that sometimes pushes them too far. We work with other growers who also look mother nature straight in the eyes and wait for the best moment to harvest the grapes.

Weather or disease pressure can quickly ruin the grapes. We give the grapes constant attention, fighting these pressures to ensure a wine crop. The winemaker then coaxes the juice via old and new methods that make the most sense for that varietal and the chemistry of the grapes at harvest. 

Our Wines

Many of our wines are made from hybrid wine grapes. These hybrid grapes were bred from a variety of parents and selected to be able to produce fruit 

after the extremely cold winters then ripen in a short summer.


Traditional "Vinifera"  (Chardonnay, Cabernet, etc.) grapes will not survive or ripen in this part of New Hampshire. These hybrid grapes have completely different flavor profiles - adding new and interesting wines to pair with local foods. What grows together goes together. We source these other grapes where they grow best in order to make the best wines.


You will be asked at checkout how you want the wines delivered.

Local Pickup at the Winery:

Call number on the sign from the driveway and we will bring your order out.

Local Delivery:

We are not allowed to deliver wines to homes, only our licensees. So please ask for our wines when getting delivery from your favorite restaurants.


Wines can ship to 40 states including New Hampshire!

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