China Girl is a wine named for Mike’s wife, Faith. Faith was raised in the little town of China, Maine. 


These Chambourcin grapes are sourced from a vineyard in Marlboro, New York, about an hour drive north of NYC.


Chambourcin is one of those grapes that can be made into a wide variety of wines. Mike uses this grape in M, M Demi-sec, China Girl, and The Muse. It is a deep red grape that cannot reliably be grown in New Hampshire. The low winter temperatures would cause this vine to die to the ground each year and not produce fruit the following year. These vines have often failed in New Hampshire, succeeding only in the most extreme southeast corner of the state where the ocean or another warm body of water can keep the vines warm over the winter.


China Girl has won the following competition medals:


Bronze - The Big E Wine Competition 2017

Bronze -  Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2020