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Dragonfly White

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Dragonfly White is a blend of various white grapes, 100% New Hampshire Grown, that varies vintage to vintage. It is named Dragonfly because Mike’s wife Faith has an affinity for Dragonflies. Dragonflies also hunt mosquitoes in the vineyards. They can often be seen in the home vineyard in Derry.


The 2019 vintage wine is a blend of the following grapes: Elvira, St Pepin, La Crosse, Louise Swenson, and Cayuga White.


This off-dry wine is one of those wines you can keep on hand for almost any audience. It is both dry enough to pair with almost any food and sweet enough for someone needing a little sweetness in their wine.

The sparkling version of this wine is called Bee Wild.


Dragonfly White has won the following competition medals:


Silver - Best of New England 2017 (2015 Vintage)

Bronze - Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2020 (2019 vintage)

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