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Barchetta Italian for "little boat". It is also a nickname for a roadster (car). 

About this wine:

This is a dry, red Pinot Noir wine picked early - with low sugar (and hence low alcohol)

In early September 2020, Mike Appolo drove his truck to Long Island, to the vineyard where this Pinot Noir was harvested, the morning it was harvested. He hauled the nearly 2 tons of Pinot Noir grapes back with a trailer across Long Island Sound (via Ferry). That makes these the only grapes so far that Mike has brought back on a boat.

The name is inspired by the song Red Barchetta by the Canadian band Rush...

You can find the lyrics here:

This is the best driving song ever recorded. The best way to describe what this song means to Mike is this description (by someone else) from a lyrics page for Rush's Red Barchetta.

A common theme in much of Peart's lyrics (2112, The Trees, and this gem) is a warning of what we stand to lose when we give government the power to decide & enforce the "Common Good".

This song melds perfectly with Peart's love of motion and machines, another common theme in his lyrics and life.

Set in a future where combustion engines have been banned by the "Motor Law", the Orwellian "Eyes" must be escaped to commit the weekly crime; speeding about in a great old sports car from a better, vanished time.

The song is derivative of Rand & Orwell, but I certainly mean no disrespect to Peart, as this is - in my humble- esteem - the greatest Driving Song ever recorded. I always keep it available in the CD player for when I encounter that perfect stretch of hilly, winding country road. Working the 5-speed stick with this song cranked up is nothing short of pure joy.

How much are we to giving up our freedoms for "The Common Good?"

How close are we to having cars with gas engines outlawed?

While Mike is very much in favor in electric vehicles, fuel powered cars will still be necessary for a long time. The feel of connection to the road and your environment in a two-seater, manual drive convertible cannot be matched by anything with electric engines. That is until someone proves him wrong. Even then, make a better product and people will switch. 

Barchetta has won the following distinctions:

89 Points - Wine Enthusiast Magazine 2021

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