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We have opened for the season. We already have a full set of events.

Please schedule a time to pick up any wine orders you have pending. 

Call 603-421-4675 for same day reservations!

If you are seeking a venue for your private party or have a party larger than 8, please email for more information.


Friday June 9th - 5pm

Oysters, Shrimp, Caviar and Bubbly

Rock #thecrushpad

Try a selection of beers from Rockingham Brewing Company, enjoy local music and food!

Sunday May 21st - 1-4pm

Rock #thecrushpad

Music - Rhythmic Overhaul

Food - Amphora, Derry (Greek Food)

Saturday June 17th - 2-5pm

Rock #thecrushpad

Music - Fielder's Choice 

Food - Thwaite's Food Truck (Pub Pies)

Saturday July 15th - 2-5pm

Rock #thecrushpad

Music - The Bellas

Food - TBD

Saturday August 5th - 2-5pm

Rock #thecrushpad

Music - Fielder's Choice 

Food - TBD

Derry Farmers Market

(Sampling and sales)

1 West Broadway (Rte 102), Derry NH


Wednesday June 14th, 3pm-7pm

Wednesday June 28th, 3pm-7pm

Wednesday July 12th, 3pm-7pm

Wednesday July 26th, 3pm-7pm

Wednesday August 9th, 3pm-7pm

Wednesday August 23rd, 3pm-7pm

Candia Farmers Market

(Sampling and sales)

55 High Street, Candia NH


Saturday June 17th, 9am-12pm

Saturday July 15th, 9am-12pm

Saturday August 19th, 9am-12pm

Saturday October 21st, 9am-2pm (Mini-Octoberfest)

Hooksett Farmers Market

(Sampling and sales)

5 Riverside Drive, Hooksett NH

Sunday from June 18th, 12pm-6:30pm

Sunday July 20th, 12pm-6:30pm

Sunday August 20th, 12pm-6:30pm

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