The Appolo Vineyards Crush Pad is open for the season. Reservations are required.
Please park on Duck Pond Rd or Christopher Drive and proceed around the barn to the patio. 
Check out our Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events

September 25- Live Music 5-8pm

September 26- Hungry Caterpillar Food Truck 12-6pm

September 27- Curbside Comedy 4pm

                         Click here for ticket info.

October 2- Live Music 4-6pm

October 3- Rock the Crushpad with Rockingham Brewery 12-4pm

October 9- Live Music 4-6pm

October 11- Live Music 1-4pm

October 17- Hungry Caterpillar Food Truck 12-5pm

October 18- Live Music 1-4pm

October 23- Live Music 4-6pm

October 24- Hungry Caterpillar Food Truck 12-5pm

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