We're Holding Out On You.

Actually, we're holding out for our club members. You see, we sometimes have very limited vintages that we hold back for our club members. We want to make sure our best customers get access to our wines - especially our low production wines - before anyone else does. We also make these wines available to our members after they are no longer generally available at the winery. In winery parlance, these are called our "library wines".

By joining our Premier Access Wine Club, you agree to take delivery of Spring and Fall allocations (6 bottles each time). You decide on which wines you want and if you want to pick up the wine or have it shipped to you. There is no cost to join the club!

In return you also get:

  • 20% off all wine orders at the winery or online

  • Access to limited release wines before the general public can buy them 

  • Library wines held back exclusively for club members

  • Complimentary tastings and tours for you and 2 other people

  • Exclusive invitations to events at the winery

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