A lifelong desire to grow things...

Combine that with a passion for wine and the love for family and you begin to understand how this runs through my soul.


I really believe that wine is grown, not made. Michelangelo said "every block of stone has a statue inside, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."  I believe the winemaker reveals the wine in the same way a sculptor reveals the statue.


Most wineries in the United states are first generation businesses. Only a very few pioneers have passed the torch on to the next generation of winemakers. The ones who have figured out the best grapes to grow are truly pioneers. They have tried many and figured out that one or two grapes that are best defined by their specific terroir. They have focused on growing them the best way they can.


I have used this spirit growing new grapes in New Hampshire, our home. We re-energized this 200+ year old farm with new life. Grapes like Brianna - complemented by the granite soils and hot summers, but able to withstand the coldest winters - produces wonderful wines. I believe this is one of those region defining grapes. We've only begun to explore the different ways of making wine with this grape and others. So, stay tuned...see what we reveal from the next vintage.


By the way, the films listed below all have great messages in them and very specific meaning to me. Watch them...with family.


- Mike Appolo

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Appolo Vineyards winery in Derry New Hampshire
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The quest to become a Master Sommelier - a test with the lowest pass rates in the world.

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