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Bee Wild


100% Grown in New Hampshire!

Bee Wild is the same blend of grapes as Dragonfly White (a still wine). Bee Wild is a Brut Sparkling white wine. Like Dragonfly White, it can be paired with many different meals. It is a great wine to use as a celebratory toast for almost any occasion, but light enough that it can be enjoyed alone. Enjoy this one sitting down or standing up!

This wine is made from grapes we purchase, but in some vintages we add our grapes into the blend.

Bee Wild was named by Mike’s stepdaughter, Marissa. Marissa is an aspiring beekeeper. Mike first made this wine in 2019. It is the same blend as Dragonfly White, but was later made into a sparkling wine. If you look closely, you can see Marissa's son's name hidden in the label... If you have different vintages, you can see that his name moves every vintage.

Bee Wild 2021:

A blend of the following grapes: Cayuga White, Elvira, Prairie Star, Alpenglow, Orion, and Frontenac Blanc.

This is the first vintage we introduced the option of 375ml bottles in addition to 750ml bottles.

Bee Wild 2021 has not yet been to a competition…yet.

Bee Wild 2020:

A blend of the following grapes: Elvira and Cayuga White.

Bee Wild 2019:

A blend of the following grapes: Elvira, St Pepin, La Crosse, Louise Swenson, and Cayuga White.


Bee Wild has won the following competition medals:

Bronze - Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2021 (2019 Vintage)

Bronze - The Big E Wine Competition 2022 (2020 Vintage)

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