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Blushing Bride

Blushing Bride 2015 Label.jpg

This is a wine named for Mike's eldest daughter, Kristen. Kristen named the wine in 2012. This is an off-dry blush wine that is a blend of 100% Appolo Vineyards grapes. Pesticides have never been used on or around these grapes. 


The blend always includes Frontenac Gris, Prairie Star, Alpenglow, and Orion. Relative quantities vary from vintage to vintage. In 2020, Mike added some Frontenac Blanc to the blend. The Frontenac grapes are all particularly high in acid, and the others low. Mike planted Alpenglow, Orion, and Prairie star as blending components for the Frontenac Gris. The blend is often salmon colored and varies in color year to year. It is made with limited skin contact time; the pink color comes from the Frontenac Gris grapes.

This is a wine the winemaker’s mother and mother-in-law both agree is their favorite. It is their choice with dinner.

Blushing Bride has won the following competition medals:

Gold - Indy 2017 (2016 vintage)

Bronze - Indy 2018 (2017 vintage)

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