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Adult Juice Box


This wine is one that brings people back to Appolo Vineyards year after year. At 3% residual sugar, it is our sweetest wine yet not as sweet as many of the competition’s Niagara.


We call it Adult Juice Box because it uses the same grapes as kids juice boxes - Niagara white grapes. We ferment this in stainless steel at the winery in Derry. The current non-vintage wine was sourced in Marlboro, New York.



Adult Juice Box (formerly Niagara) has won the following competition medals:


Silver - The Big E Wine Competition 2017 (2016 Niagara)

Bronze - Indy International Wine Competition 2017 (2016 Niagara)

Silver - The Big E Wine Competition 2018 (2017 Niagara)

Silver - Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2020 (NV Adult Juice Box)

Silver - The Big E Wine Competition 2022 (NV Adult Juice Box)

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