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Jammin' and Jammin' Too!


Jammin’ is a Shiraz (red grape) + Viognier (white grape) blend. This is our most popular red wine. This is the style that interested me in drinking and making red wines. I first enjoyed a bottle of a similar wine with friends in an outdoor cafe in Ottawa. You can find blends like this one in France, California, and most famously Australia. We have produced this for a few years now. Each new bottling has the same consistent style.

The grapes and the white juice were fermented together in large red, open top fermenters at the winery in Derry. In fact, the white viognier juice helps to extract more color from the tiny black shiraz grapes, making a darker red wine than would otherwise be possible if the Shiraz was fermented alone.

My wife, Faith Appolo, named the wine Jammin’ because it is a big, jammy red, and very different. 

Jammin' Too

This wine stands out as the highest alcohol and the sweetest wine we have ever produced. At 18.5% alcohol and 100 grams per liter of sugar, this is a wonderfully balanced port-style wine. We bottled 50 cases of 500ml bottles for this release. We also bottled a few into 750ml bottles to pour (lightly) in the tasting room. This is the other winter warmer you will need.

This is best served with blue cheese. We highly recommend the Blue Cheese from Abbot Hill Creamery.  This really is an excellent pairing. Two products made in southern New Hampshire that really go well together. Unfortunately, we cannot ship the cheese so do not offer it online.

- Mike Appolo, Owner and Chief Winemaker.

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