Hope you like Jammin' Too!

Jammin’ is a Shiraz (a red grape) + Viognier (white grape) blend. The red grapes and white juice were sourced in California. Half the grapes and half the white juice were fermented together in large red, open top fermenters at the winery in Derry.


The fermentation went fairly long - into November, and stuck at one point. We added some high-test yeast to get it a little farther along, but then added it to two brand new hybrid French-American Oak barrels. The residual sugar came down a bit more while in barrel. We then blended the two barrels together, filtered and bottled the wine.


You can find blends like this one in France, California, and most famously Australia. This is one of the styles of wine that got Mike into drinking red wines over 20 years ago.


Faith Appolo named the wine Jammin’ because it is a big, jammy red, slightly sweet, and very different.