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This wine is our premier rosé sparkling wine. It is a bright wine, low in alcohol and full of berry and stone fruit flavors. This is a wine you can drink standing up and stay standing.  

Starting with the 2022 vintage, this will be a vintage wine. That just means we can label it with the year the grapes were harvested. Because of the labeling laws, the previous vintages could not be vintage labeled - some of the grapes were from New York state. The grapes in this vintage wine were sourced in New Hampshire.

All of our sparkling vintage wines are being set aside to age. Each vintage will have several cases set aside to try in years to come. 

We name many of our wines for family members. This one is named for Mike's daughter (and now assistant winemaker) Michaela.

Vintage 2022: 

This dry sparkling wine is made from DeChaunac, Frontenac Gris, Prairie Star, and several other grapes that grow in our vineyard in Derry.  It is dry and lively wine with some tannins. The (free run) DeChaunac was sourced from Flag Hill in Lee,NH. The other grapes were grown in our home vineyard. This wine is lighter than the previous version due to the difference in grapes. It is in the same style as the previous version of M.

The label artwork was designed was drawn by Jessica with input from Michaela. There are meanings woven into this artwork that have special significance to Michaela for her daughter. We have set aside a case of this wine from her birth year for her 21st birthday in 2043. 

M (non-vintage) : 

The first version of M was a dry blend of mostly Chambourcin from the Hudson River Valley in New York and Frontenac Gris from Walpole, New Hampshire. This dark pink wine was our first silver medal winner from the Indy International Wine Competition in 2018.

M Demisec (non-vintage): 

This was semi-sweet version of M was a blend of mostly Frontenac Gris blended with Chambourcin. This blend has the copper color from the majority of Frontenac Gris. Because the acid is higher due to the Frontenac Gris, this wine has a some residual sugar making it semi-sweet (demisec).

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