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About the Wine:

Be careful when opening - have your glasses ready to pour! Maye sure this wine is cold and upright before opening. Do not agitate the wine. Due to the yeast in the bottle, you may experience a very active wine! Be ready for it!

Panther is our latest pet nat blend. 2/3 Cabernet Franc rosé and 1/3 Chambourcin rosé. It has flavors of bubble gum and raspberries. This is a great way to ring in spring and summer!

We started with the Cabernet Franc Rosé that was left after we blended the Girls of Summer. When the Chambourcin juice arrived in the winery, we had an absolutely full tank. So, we too a little out of it to make room for fermentation. We added the Chambourcin to the Cab Franc tank and started a new fermentation. Once the residual sugar 

We added no sulfites to the wine. We did not filter this wine. We bottled this wine and let it continue to ferment in bottle - making a wonder small bubble sparkling wine.

At about 3 months old, we disgorged the wine (removed the sediment) before releasing this wine. This lead to fewer bottles but a much happier experience.

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