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Tiger Eyes

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About the Wine:

Be careful when opening - have your glasses ready to pour! Make sure this wine is cold and upright before opening. Do not agitate the wine. Due to the yeast in the bottle, you may experience an explosive eruption! Be ready for it!

Tiger Eyes is a wild yeast fermented, orange sauvignon blanc pet nat.

We started with half a ton of crushed sauvignon blanc grapes + 100L of additional juice

We added no yeast to this wine. We fermented this wine using only the yeast that was present in the grapes. We fermented it on the skins for 9 days (like a red wine) to get most of the wonderful aromatics from the grape skins. We then pressed the wine and put it into a tank to continue fermentation.

We added no sulfites to the wine. We did not filter this wine. We bottled this wine and let it continue to ferment in bottle - making a wonder small bubble sparkling wine.

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