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Red Shift

I bottled the first 12 cases of the 2015 China Girl. I noticed some time ago how much lighter it was than previous years. Until today, I didn't realize why there was such a shift in color - from red to pink. It is all about the less time the skins had contact the grapes in 2015 vs previous years. You see, we switched from a 90 liter press to a 250 liter press. Both presses cycle (fill with grapes, press, empty) in about 90 minutes. Because the newer press was able to process the grapes so much faster, the average time the grapes spent crushed waiting to be pressed was much lower than previous years. So, we have a much lighter China Girl this year. You'll know the wine by the newer label.

By the way, some of the first places you can get the new China Girl are in Market Basket - Salem, Londonderry, Hooksett, Manchester, and Bedford. Of course, we'll be pouring it in the winery this weekend.

By the way, "Red Shift" is the doppler effect with respect to a light source moving closer to the viewer. Read more about it here...

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