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Up for Air

This is a day to take a breath. We've been so very busy over the past few weeks. The winery is emptying out in preparation for the new vintage. The grape berries are growing at an incredible rate.

We put a new plate & frame filter into use in the winery and have started re-plumbling the winery. This is one of the best winery upgrades ever! It is a real productivity booster - and quiet.

We finished bottling the China Girl - Over 60 cases. It is our largest bottling ever.

We have the new Dragonfly Red about ready to bottle. This is a nice medium-bodied red wine made completely from local grapes. We aged half of the wine in a new oak barrel for 6 months and the rest in stainless steel before blending them together. We can't declare it a vintage wine because it is a blend of grapes from both 2013 and 2014. It really is something special.

The other 2015 wines are also in the works. The 2015 Dragonfly Red combines grapes from 4 different vineyards - 2 in Derry, 2 in Londonderry. The wine just went into barrel last week, so it will be a while before you can try it.

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